VFL Photo Exhibit Results

The winners of the annual Valatie Free Library Photo Competition are listed below.  All the photos submitted were beautiful and reflective of the talent and interests of the photographers.  All were displayed at an exhibition on Sunday, April 7th at the Senior Center in Valatie.  We thank Mayor Argyle  and the Valatie Village Board for permission to use the Center, the Seniors for donating their building for the event, the girls in the Ichabod Crane Middle School Honor Society for their help in setting up and taking down the exhibit, the people who came to the exhibit.  A very special appreciation goes to the photographers for sharing their work with us.  The first and second place winners in ten categories were:

Boats / Water Scenes :  Carol Denton:  Boats Docked on the Hudson / Edward Balko:  Tugboat Spiral
Landscape:  Steve Wildermuth:  After the Storm / Eric Dubois:  Tranquility
Birds:  Anthony Malanowski:  Female Ruby-Throated Hummingbird Coming in to Feed / William Shaughnasey:  Emu Smile
Animals:  Lynne DuBois:  Lizard King / Marie Meehan: “Fake News”
Architecture:  Karen Stodolski:  Liquid Reflection of Past Beauty / Ralph Gartner:  Always Open
Miscellaneous: Karen Stodolski:  “Follow Me!” / Steve Wildermuth:  “Festaloon”
Flowers:  Leslie Strilec:  Paper White / Ralph Gartner:  Backyard Daisies
People:  Steve Wildermuth:  Youthful Dreamer / Paul Abitabile:  Polar Plunge Participant at Oakdale Lake, Hudson
Pets:  Sierra Dexheimer:  Dianne / Eric DuBois:  My Sydney
Nature:  Daniel Klugo:  Country Road / Daniel Klugo:   Mountain Stream

In the Young People Category for students under the age of 18, each student won a certificate for the best of his own entries.  The students and their winning photos were:  Corey Dexheimer (17):  a tie of  his photo “Mac” and his photo Shades of Orange / Ruby Briggs (7):  Winter Wonderland / Caitlin Matthies (16):  Impurity / Amaya Arnold-Poucher (17):  Blue Peace