Thank You, Doug Bartels, Master Magician

On Wednesday, July 5, 2020, Master Magician Doug Bartels  presented his special brand of magic for Valatie Free Library at 6:30 p.m. on Facebook Live.   If you missed the show,  check our Facebook page.  You can watch it there anytime for the rest of the summer.   It was great!

Doug is a master magician who is a member of the world’s most prestigious Magic Society, The Magic Circle. He is one of 147 U.S. magicians to be a member of this premier organization.  He has performed for several years at the Valatie Free Library to enthusiastic and amazed audiences of kids and adults.   Wednesday’s virtual audience was as amazed as our past in-library audiences.  Thank you, Doug Bartels!

Census Update!

Have you filled out your Census form yet?  Visit the Valatie Free Library to do it quickly and securely.  We have one new computer dedicated to the Census only.   Anyone who wishes to complete the Census online may use this computer and also receive help from one of our Staff members.  Answer just 10 questions.  Your responses are not shared with any individual or government agency, but they will help the Kinderhook / Valatie area receive necessary services in education, health and wellness care, and many other areas.

Households have until September 30th to respond to the 2020 Census. However, census takers have begun following up with households that haven’t responded.  Millions of emails will continue to be sent into September.  The messages alert households that time is running out and response to the 2020 Census is important for communities. The email messages will invite people to respond online at 2020census.gov.

People who receive the email and haven’t already responded should click on the link provided and complete the census online. It’s easy, safe and important.  So, visit the Valatie Library and help your community by completing the Census on our dedicated computer.  

Census video links:  Click here to view a Census video  

Try These Art Projects

On Thursday, July 23 and Friday July, 24, Mr. Chuck will present two  fascinating and fun art projects.

Today (Thursday) at 1:30 p.m., join him for a Cartooning Workshop on GotoMeeting.  Even if you have not already registered, you can still join the group if  you email valatiefreelibrary@gmail.com so that he can send you the link.  Do you like comics and/or drawing?  Then this workshop is for you.  Learn the basics of designing characters and drawing comic panels. 

Tomorrow (Friday) at 10:30 a.m. is String Painting.  Check our Facebook Page to see some of Mr. Chuck’s string paintings.  They are cool!  Email or call the Library if you would like to be part of this workshop, also on GotoMeeting.  The link will be sent to you, and art supplies will be available at the Library.  Stop by and pick them up.  Have a smock ready!

Summer Programs: July 19 – 25

Thursday, July 23 – 1:30 – Cartooning Workshop with Mr. Chuck.  Whether you like Peanuts, Spiderman or graphic novels, this class is for everyone who loves comics and/or drawing.  We will have fun with the basics of designing characters and drawing comic panels.  Gotomeeting.
Friday, July 24 – 1:30 p.m.  Gotomeeting.  Craft Workshop with Mr. Chuck.  Pick up your free art supplies at the Library.

Summer Programs Week Three

The following events are the highlights of the third week of the Valatie Free Library Summer Programming. Don’t forget to register so that we may send you the links to the shows.
Paint with Hannah DeWeerd.  Video is available for the Summer.  Free supplies will be provided to registrants.
Tuesday, July 14 – 10:30 a.m. Story Hour with Mr. Chuck.  Gotomeeting.
Wednesday, July 15 – 6:30 p.m. – Animal Embassy. “Dragons, Dwarfs and Giants.”  Join Chris from Animal Embassy as we explore some real-life dragons, and creatures great and small.  Facebook Live. Don’t miss this!
Friday, July 17 – 1:30 p.m.    Craft Workshop with Mr. Chuck. Pick up your free art supplies at the Library. Gotomeeting.
REGISTER: Click here to see the lineup and sign up for your favorites.

Help Is Here!

Are you missing those tech sessions with Lloyd the Geek? Have you felt like throwing your phone or other device across the room during the last 3 months?  Don’t despair: help is one free app away, and yes, it is help from Heather Lloyd.  Join us on Thursday, July 16th at 1:30 p.m. in a GotoMeeting session as Heather shows us how to install the free app, Teamviewer.  It is an easy install with Heather guiding our every move.  Call the Library (518-758-9321) to register for this app installation session so that we can send you the link.   Installation of the free app should take less than half an hour.

After that, you can work individually with Heather as she solves any tech problems on your device in real time and remotely. Your computer/phone, etc. can be your friend again.

Art Supplies Ready for Friday, July 10

We had to cancel last Friday’s craft because of the lack of power, but don’t miss this week.  Chuck has a really great craft project for Friday at 1:30 p.m.  Art supplies are ready and you can pick them up at the table outside the Library deck.  Click here to register for this program, and Chuck will send you the program link and have your bag of craft supplies waiting for you.

Thank You to the Storycrafters

Thank you to the Storycrafters for a wonderful show yesterday, Wednesday, July 1.  A great start to the Valatie Free Library Summer Program!  Jeri and Barry’s presentation gave us myths and stories of different cultures as well as new and funny versions of familiar fairy tales and “do it with them sounds and songs.”   We have a good collection of myths and fairy tales at the Library under the call number 398.2, and we have ordered some of the Storycrafters’ book suggestions.  Give us a call and we can find something you would like. 

There is still plenty of time (throughout the summer) to sign up for our other programs.  Click here or go to 2020 Summer Programs above and follow the link to register.  Don’t forget the Reading Challenge.  Books for ice cream!!

Summer Registration Starts on Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Registration for summer programs is here!!  If you would like to enroll your children for some or all of the Valatie Free Library Programs, we welcome you!!  Check out the fun and inspiring programs that Chuck ,our new Program Coordinator,  has planned for July and August.  Click on the link above: 2020 Summer Programs and then click here for the registrations form.  It’s fast and easy to complete.  Just write your name and list the number of kids who will be watching each video or online presentation.   Then click Submit.  We will contact you before each program with the correct link.  If you are a phone person, call 518-758-9321 and we will register your children.  Join us for the fun!

Summer Programs at the Library

Please check out a silly version of the story of “The Tortoise and the Hare” as presented by the Ichabod Crane Librarians and the librarians from Kinderhook Memorial Library, North Chatham Library and the Valatie Free Library.

 We had fun “being” the animals and hope you enjoyed our version.  And don’t forget to check Valatie’s summer offerings under 2020 Summer Programs and 2020 Programas del Verano en Espanol at the top of this page.  We will be posting our registration form very soon and hope you will join us in our virtual programs.  Don’t miss the Storycrafters;  Master Magician, Doug Bartels; Chris and his special animals from Animal Embassy; Geology with Anita Sanchez; Brad Shur and his Shadow Puppets, and the rest of our wonderful summer performers.  Register for these and the Summer Reading Challenge:  Read and win ice cream cones from O’Kenny’s.