Census Update!

Have you filled out your Census form yet?  Visit the Valatie Free Library to do it quickly and securely.  We have one new computer dedicated to the Census only.   Anyone who wishes to complete the Census online may use this computer and also receive help from one of our Staff members.  Answer just 10 questions.  Your responses are not shared with any individual or government agency, but they will help the Kinderhook / Valatie area receive necessary services in education, health and wellness care, and many other areas.

Households have until September 30th to respond to the 2020 Census. However, census takers have begun following up with households that haven’t responded.  Millions of emails will continue to be sent into September.  The messages alert households that time is running out and response to the 2020 Census is important for communities. The email messages will invite people to respond online at 2020census.gov.

People who receive the email and haven’t already responded should click on the link provided and complete the census online. It’s easy, safe and important.  So, visit the Valatie Library and help your community by completing the Census on our dedicated computer.  

Census video links:  Click here to view a Census video