Presentation of Henry Knox Trail Paintings 6/30/2019

We invite you to join us from 2 – 4 p.m. on Sunday, June 30, 2019
for a historical presentation and reception at the Valatie Free Library.
At this time we will introduce the 17 scenes of the Henry Knox Trail
painted by Jarvis Baillargeon. The paintings, which hang on the walls
of the Library, depict the trail Revolutionary War hero,
Henry Knox, took from Fort Ticonderoga to Boston in the
winter of 1776 dragging 59 cannons to help drive the British out of
Boston. This event is special to us almost 250 years later because
Knox and the cannons crossed through what is now Valatie. This and
the exciting and dangerous events which occurred during this historic
journey will be explained by former New York Assemblyman,
John McEneny, as he details each of the paintings.
          Following the presentation there will be a reception to honor the Baillargeon family. This will be an opportunity to meet the family and to learn more about the painter.